研討會論文 Seminar papers (2018- )



陳明蕾 hen, C., & Chen, M. How L2 readers access the meaning of polysemous words? Paper presented at European Conference of Eye Movement. 

陳明蕾 Huang, C., & Chen, M. Effects of antecedent order on preschool children’s pronoun resolution: A visual world study. Paper presented at European Conference of Eye Movement. 

陳明蕾 Chen, M., & Cheng, S.  Do readers aware the causality when sentences used difference causal connectives? Paper presented at Annual Conference of SSSR.

謝錦城 City C. Hsieh, Hui-Shan Huang, Yi-Chun Chen, Yen-Ting Lai& Hsiao-Ling Huang(2019 Oct) The Comparison of Physical Activity and Sleep Quality in Students with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders.The 18th Annual Conference for Society of Chinese Scholar on Exercise Physiology and Fitness.Xi’an, China: Shaanxi University.

詹雨臻 Chan, Y. C., Hsu, W. C., Chen, Y. C., & P. Li(2019, October)Effective connectivity of reward network in high and low sense of humor. Poster presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN)Chicago 

詹雨臻 Chan, Y. C., & Chen, Y. C.(2019, June)Functional connectivity in the processing of monetary and humorous rewards. Poster presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)Rome, Italy 

詹雨臻 Chen, Y. C., & Chan, Y. C.(2019, June)Gender Differences in the Processing of Monetary and Humorous Rewards- An fMRI Study.Poster presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)Rome, Italy

謝協君 徐揚智、羅芳旻、張家敏、謝協君(2019)。文件分析法在表達性藝術治療於情緒行為困擾學童之分析研究。2019 教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2019,11,16)。

謝協君 梁竣盛、范姜雅菁、王洪俞、謝協君(2019)。分析國小學習障礙兒童句型學習桌遊要素運用於APP設計。2019 教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2019,11,16)。

謝協君 李欣蓓、聞宇珊、劉鏵傛、饒文婷、謝協君(2019)。書寫輔具功能性分析研究。2019教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2019,11,15)。 

謝協君 黃子庭、王為璘、王儀楦、李玉蘭、謝協君(2019)。兒童遊戲環境安全性評估之研究─以國小校園場所為例。2019教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2019,11,15)。

謝協君 邱春寧、徐素婷、呂雅惠、謝協君(2019)。5E學習理論在幼兒物理性知識建構之行動研究

邱富源 葉致良、葉美利、邱富源 虛擬實境教材運用於原住民族語教學之探究-以賽夏語為例,2019教育創新國際學術研討會,新竹,臺灣。

邱富源 許玉珠、邱富源 應用「素養導向標準本位評量」於國小數學領域之研究--以國小六年級小數的除法為例,2019教育創新國際學術研討會,新竹,臺灣。

邱富源 鄭毓臻、邱富源 Wii Fit 遊戲運用於學前特殊幼兒身體平衡能力之研究,2019教育創新國際學術研討會,新竹,臺灣。

邱富源  彭瓊嫃 王佳渝 劉巧琪、邱富源 虛擬實境眼動儀應用於分析幼兒園教師敏銳度研究,2019全國資訊管理前瞻技術研討會,新竹,臺灣。

邱富源 Chi-Chieh Hsieh, Fu-Yuan Chiu.  Evaluate the effects of STEM education on robotics courses through UTAUT model.International Congress on Education and Technology in Sciences CISETC 2019.Arequipa, Peru.

邱富源 Michaela Veselovská, Zuzana Kubincová, Ya-Ting Hsu, Fu-Yuan Chiu, Tzu-Hua Wang. Comparing the results of the first LEGO WeDo 2.0 activity in Slovakia and Taiwan.International Conference on Educational Innovation Interdisciplinary Education and Innovation.Hsinchu, Taiwan.

邱富源 Chia-Yun Hsieh, Ying-Hua Lee, Fu-Yuan Chiu.Cloud library versus traditional print: A comparison study of reading comprehension and attitude of popular science readings in schoolchildren.International Conference on Business and Social Science ICBASS-0388.Kyoto, Japan.

陳湘淳 Chen, H. C., & Iao, L. S. (2019, Mar) , Advanced development of working memory strategy in mandarin-speaking children, 2019 SRCD Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

陳湘淳 Tang, Y., King, J.-T., & Chen, H.-C (2019 Sept). Electrophysiological measurement of the visual working memory capacity of preschool children, 2019 Cognitive Psychology Section & Developmental Psychology Section's Joint Conference , Stoke-on-Trent, UK

陳湘淳 陳湘淳、劉樺芳(2019)。三至六歲幼兒工作記憶測量之相關研究,2019第十屆教育創新國際學術研討會

陳湘淳 莊慧娟、陳湘淳(2019)。幼兒內隱心智理論_眼動研究

陳湘淳 陳雨然、陳湘淳(2019)。幼兒數學學習經驗對其智慧教具操作表現之影響

陳湘淳 陳芸淇、陳湘淳(2019)。幼兒工作記憶與骨牌遊戲之相關研究

陳湘淳 馮翠文、陳湘淳(2019)。照顧者主觀知覺與幼兒氣質類型之相關研究

陳湘淳 鄭嘉雯、陳湘淳(2019)。音樂活動提升幼兒選擇性注意力

馨仁 Hsu, H. J.(2019)。Language learning and memory in children with developmental language disorder.

馨仁 Chang, P. H., Huang, T. J., Yang, C.H., Lin, Y. H., & and Hsu, H. J. (2019)。Non-linguistic cognitive Abilities in Post-stroke Patients with Aphasia.

程冠豪 Peter K.-H. Cheng, Jun-Hua Lai, Chao-Chih Wang, Gary C.-W. Shyi, Tzu-Hua Wang(2019 July)The N170 component fluctuations between upright/inverted face processing might predict behavioral performance of holistic face processing.The 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision.Osaka, JAPAN

程冠豪 Lin, C.-Y., Nguyen-An, T.-V., Hsieh, H.-C., Cheng, P. K.-H.*(2019 Nov)The effects of LEGO Curriculum for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a preliminary study of the auditory P300 event-related potentials.2019 International Conference on Education Innovation.Hsinchu, Taiwan.




陳明蕾  Ko, H. & Chen, M. Knowledge for Teachers’ reading instruction: What and Why? Paper present at Annual Conference of Asia Reading and Writing Association, Japan.(Feb22-23). 

謝錦城 City C. Hsieh, Yu-Chieh Liang ,Yen-Ting Lai, Jung-Cheng Yang, Hsiao-Ling Huang(2018 May) The Effects of Physical Activity on Physical and Mental Health in Stroke Patients.ACSM 65rd Annual Meeting, 9th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine and World Congress on the Basic Science of Muscle Hypertrophy and Atrophy.Minneapolis, USA2018 

詹雨臻 Chen, I. F., & Chan, Y. C.(2018 June) The neural correlates of gender differences in aggressive jokes and nonaggressive jokes.Poster presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)Vancouver, Canada(MOST 104-2410-H-007-022)

詹雨臻 Chan, Y. C. (2018, June). Linking humor reward to hedonic consumption: An fMRI study. Annual Meeting of the 30th International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS), Tallinn, Estonia, June 25 to June 29. (MOST 105-2410-H-007-027-MY2)

詹雨臻 Chen, Y. C., Hsu, W. C., & Chan, Y. C. (2018, June). Neural Correlates of Humor Motivation: An fMRI study. Poster presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Singapore, June 17-21, 2018. (MOST 103-2410-H-007-033)

詹雨臻 Yu, W. R., Hsu, W. C., Lin, Y. C., & Chan, Y. C. (2018, June). Neural bases of self and other representation: An fMRI investigation. Poster presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Singapore, June 17-21, 2018. (MOST 103-2410-H-007-033)

許育光 Hsu, Y. K The Learning Entities and Benefits Investigation of the Ecological Approach Supervision Group for Novice School Counselors.

許育光 Hsu, Y. K Exploration of the group counselors’ practice reflection styles: analysis through the incident event recall of good leading segments and opposite

許育光 Yeh, Y. K., Lin, S. X., & Hsu, Y. K*. Feature Analysis of the Externalization Children Presented on Tell-Me-A-Story(TEMAS)in Taiwan.

謝協君 陳禹君、謝協君(2018)。智慧照明對注意力缺陷過動症學生於注意力與手眼協調之成效。2018教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2018,11,17)。

謝協君 蔡浩軒、謝雯婷、林芝宇、周文聿、謝協君(2018)。智慧醫療系統對接受床邊教學的特殊需求者之系統建置。2018教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2018,11,17)。

謝協君 謝瑜庭、柯鈞崴、梁竣盛、陳有萱、謝協君(2018)。從脊髓損傷者工作環境需求建置智慧辦公室2018教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2018,11,17)。

謝協君 張家敏、林敬佳、廖琤瑜、林綉敏、謝協君(2018)。ADHD學童對智慧教室環境感受之調查。2018教育創新國際學術研討會。新竹:國立清華大學竹師教育學院。(2018,11,17)。

謝協君 劉郁伶、黃姿涵、陳葆玲、郭思綾、謝協君(2018)。以自動駕駛車技術促進家長早期療育參與度。

謝協君 沈宜穎、謝協君(2018)。遊戲式詞彙教學法對提升國小學習障礙學生形近字辨識之成效。

謝協君 謝侑容、翁伯宜、王為璘、黃郁甄、謝協君(2018)。身心障礙學生對智慧住宅需求之研究-以高職智能障礙學生為例。

陳湘淳 Chen, H.-C & Cheng, Y.-C. (2018, Aug), The executive function of typically and atypically-developing preschool’s children from teachers and parents rating. , International Conference on Education and Learning (ICEL), Tokyo, Japan. MOST 107-2410-H-007-075. (第一作者、通訊作者)

陳湘淳  Huang, N.-F., Hsu, I.-H., Tzeng, J.-W., Chen, H.-C., Lee, C.-A., Fang, T.-T. (2018, Sep), The clustering analysis system based on students’ motivation and learning behavior, Learning with MOOCS (LWMOOCS), Madrid, Spain.

陳湘淳 Li, Y.-J., Peter Cheng, K.-H., Chen, H.-C., Hsiao, S. (2018, Nov), The effects of anticipation and aversive stimuli on incidental memory, 2018 International Conference on Education Innovation, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

陳湘淳 吳曉昕、陳湘淳(2018年11月), 兒童空間工作記憶中的視覺保留策略 , 2018第九屆教育創新國際學術研討會, 新竹,台灣。(通訊作者)

陳湘淳 萬珊叡、陳湘淳(2018年11月), 認知負荷對兒童工作記憶與瞳孔大小的影響, 2018第九屆教育創新國際學術研討會, 新竹,台灣。(通訊作者)

陳湘淳 陳湘淳,唐藝,呂錦容,程冠豪(2018年11月), 工作記憶廣度之腦波指標初探, 2018第九屆教育創新國際學術研討會, 新竹,台灣。(第一作者、通訊作者)

邱富源 Wu, P. J., Chiu, F. Y., Mayerová, K., Kubincová, Z. (2018.04.26-28). Educational Robotics at Primary School: Comparison of Two Research Studies. IEEE 2018 17th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training. Olhao, Portugal. (IEEE Xplore)

邱富源 Veselovská, M., Mayerová, K., Kubincová, Z., Chiu, F. Y. (2018.11.12-14). A Pilot Study: Comparing the Work of Children with LEGO WeDo 2.0 in Slovakia and Taiwan. 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. Seville, Spain. (ISI CPCI)

邱富源 Chou, Y. J., King, J. T., Chiu, F. Y. (2018.11.16-17). Using Belief-Based Action Prediction as the Measurement of Theory of Mind Understanding: The Comparison of Two EEG Indicators ,2018 International Conference on Educational Innovation. Hsinchu, Taiwan.

許馨仁 Yen, H. H.,Hsu, H. J., & Lee, C.L.(2018 January)Lateralized brain responses for structural analysis are critical for better language learning outcome.Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting (TSCN)Taichung, Taiwan

許馨仁 Yeh, C., Yen, H. H., Hsu, H. J., Lee, C .L.(2018 June)Right hemisphere syntactic processing suppressed for native language is seen for a newly learned grammar—evidence from Event-Related potentials.International Max Planck Research School for the Language Sciences Conference 2018(IMPRS): Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences.Nijmegen, Netherlands

許馨仁 Huang, T.J., Chang, P. H, Yang, C.,H. Lin, Y. H., Chiou, H.H.,& Hsu, H. J.(2018 October)Exploring nonlinguistic cognitive ability in adults with aphasia.ICPEAL17-CLDC9.Taipei, Taiwan

許馨仁 Yen, H. H.,Hsu, H. J., & Lee, C.L.(2018 October)Linking lateralized syntactic processing, inter-hemispheric communication , and language performance —An Event-Related potential study.ICPEAL17-CLDC9.Taipei, Taiwan

許馨仁 Yeh, C., Yen, H. H., Hsu, H. J., Lee, C .L.(2018 October)Hemispheric Differences and Complexity of Syntactic Structure.ICPEAL17-CLDC9.Taipei, Taiwan

程冠豪 Cheng, P. K.-H., Shyi, G. C.-W.(2018 January)Do I Know Thee? Brain Mechanisms Underpinning Acquired Familiarity of Faces.Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience (TSCN)Taichung, Taiwan2018 

程冠豪 Cheng, P. K.-H., Chen, K.-C., Hsiao, S.(2018 May)An Insula view of paced respiration that might help in reducing anxiety.The 1st Tsing Hua Psychology Forum: Frontier Development and Interdisciplinary of Chinese Psychology,Hsinchu, Taiwan.

程冠豪 Cheng, P. K.-H., Wang, C.-C., Chen, D. C.-C., Hsiao, S.(2018 June)Insula activation predicts amygdala activation for semantic anticipation of aversive stimuli.The 24th Annual Meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping.Singapore

程冠豪 Cheng, P. K.-H., Chen, B. Y.-C., Shyi, G. C.-W.(2018 August)Effects of Pose Variation and Inversion on Learning and Generalizing Novel Faces.International Conference on Education and Learning (ICEL)Tokyo, Japan

程冠豪 Shyi, G. C.-W., Cheng, P. K.-H., Chen, B. Y.-C., Huang, T. S.-T., Kuo, A. Y.-C., Lee, Y.(2018 May)An Investigation of Neural Mechanisms for Reversed Inversion Effect in Learning Faces Varying in Pose.Vision Science Society 18th Annual Meeting.St. Pete Beach, USA

程冠豪 Shyi, G. C.-W., Cheng, P. K.-H., Chen, B. Y.-C., Kuo, A. Y.-C., Huang, T. S.-T., Liao, M.-C. (2018, Nov). Age differences in brain mechanisms underlying processing of a face and its components: An fMRI study. The 48th annual meeting of Neuroscience. San Diego, USA.